Kensukes kingdom
Chapter 1; There are four people in this family, a mom, dad, boy and dog. The boys name is Michael he is all most 11. Both of there parent lost there jobs. The next day Michael’s dad takes everyone with him and shows them the Peggy sue the Peggy sue was a sail. The dad what’s to sail arrowed the world. Mom gets her certificate and they set sail Gran is on the dock waving goodbye and crying.

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Chapter 2; Now that they have set sail everything is damp clothing bedding everything is still not drying out. Michael is made to start doing his schoolwork. He isn’t happy about it at first but he soon starts enjoying the different ways he gets to do his work for English and is learning longitude and latitude. Stella Artois seems to love being on the bout.
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Chapter 3; The waves are so high at the by of Biscay the boat is straight up and down sometimes. Mom is having a bad stomach ache. We played soccer in Brazil. Stella and Michael fell off the boat ant night and his parents were sleeping.
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Chapter 4; Michael finds his self on a island and hears his dog barking. Michael looks for food but Michael dose not find any food. In the morning there are bowels of food and water for them, outside the cave.

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Chapter 7; After Michael gets better. Kensuke starts to teach Michael how to do things like paint. Michael teaches Kensuke English. The next day Kensuke tacks him on a bout ride.

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Chapter 8; Kensuke and Michael go out fishing together and catch three fish. Kensuke shares his life story and tells Michael about his wife and son back home in Japan. One day Michael is out walking and finds a coke bottle and he decides to write a note and send it off for someone to save him. Stella finds the bottle and brings it to Kensuke.
Chapter 9; One day Kensuke told to Michael how hurt he was about the bottle and soon they become friends once again. Now they are even closer like father and son. Kensuke helps Michael build a new fire pile because he wants to help Michael get saved.
Chapter 10; Bad guys come to the island and try to kill all the animals Kensuke and Michael both run around the island and gather up all the monkeys and hid them, in the cave. The next day Michael sees a bout it is his mom and dad thy end.